Greetings Trojan Soccer Club Members,

We hope everyone is well.  We wanted to reach out to the Club and give you an overview of how we think things are going to play out over the next few months, as we look forward to our next season, starting in the Fall of 2020.

Service Processing
Our apologies that we have not been able to open up our registration yet.  We are still in a holding pattern with the processing company that handles applications since the customer service representatives are working remotely.  We expect the vendor to process our application by mid-May.

Provided we do not see any more delays, we plan to open Registration for the 2020-2021 Season, by June 1st, perhaps sooner if possible.  We will send the registration invitation to your emails, post it on Facebook and put it on our NEW redesigned Website.  The Club will also be making the initial sign up fee of $100, optional when we open registration.  We do not want any child to miss out on next season.  If anyone feels they may need help financially next season or may need additional time to pay dues, please register your child first,  then reach out to us.  We will work with anyone on a case by case basis according to needs.

In the past we have always held our evaluations for the upcoming players in U8, U9 and U10 in May.  These evaluations have served us by helping us build teams, that can be competitive against their peer teams.  This year is going to be different and a bit more fluid.  Our plan is to hold multiple evaluation sessions over the Summer, giving everyone multiple dates and times to join us.  As fields and facilities reopen, we will provide further details on locations, times and dates for the evaluations.  We will reach out via email, post on Facebook and our website with exact details for evaluations as they become available.

The most important thing for our members to know is that Our Club is not going anywhere.  We have a fantastic group of volunteers and our club is one of the more established in the area with a solid foundation and even through this mess we are growing and adding features and improving our programs for our players.

Please visit our New Website  It has a clean new look and offers us many new features, such as team schedules and events and we are adding more resources for our players, parents and coaches to utilize for improving their Soccer skills.  I would also suggest joining our facebook group @, we post news and events all the time.

Joseph Adams

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