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U9-U15 boys ang girls registration for the 2016-17 fall and spring season is open now.  Registration will close May 1, 2016.  Registration for U8 and U7 will open after May 1.  

Click HERE to access online registration. 

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Tryout/ Assesment Dates and times for Fall 2016/Spring 2017



At this time, TSC only needs to assess 2 age groups. The reason for these assessments is that there are enough boys to make 2 teams in these specific age groups. Dates and times are as follows:



U11 Boys- Tuesday May 3rd and Friday May 6th 6-7pm at East York Elementary


U14 Boys- Monday May 9th and Wednesday May 11th 6:30-8pm at YSHS stadium


Note: If you do not see your child's age group listed for assessments, it only means they don't need assessed. The club will have one team for their age group. All parents will be informed once teams are finalized. We expect this to be finished by mid May.


*Please arrive 15-20 minutes early to sign in and receive a numbered pinny.

​*If they are calling for bad weather, a cancelation email will be sent by 4pm that day. Please plan to play, even in the rain! Trying to reschedule is a headache for all involved.

*Plan to attend both dates

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Within the past year, U.S. Soccer decided to implement several changes to the structure of its program in order to become more inline with the rest of the world's soccer programs.  The changes include field and goal sizes, team rosters, playing formats, and age registrations requirements for all ages and all levels of youth soccer.  As a result, U.S. Youth Soccer Region I, EPYSA, York USA, and Trojan Soccer Club are adhering to and supporting the changes and will begin to implement the changes for the fall 2016 - spring 2017 season.
Starting immediately, our registration process will follow the mandated changes as set forth by U.S. Soccer, U.S. Youth Soccer Association and Region I, EPYSA, and York USA. Age groups will be based on birth year (see the chart below) and adhere to the natural progression of field players as outlined by U.S. Soccer's recommended best practices.  These changes will allow players to develop their confidence and individual skills at an earlier age.  Starting with the U9 age group, 3 additional players will be added to the field.  Then starting with the U11 age group, 2 more field players will be added every 2 years thus allowing players to gradually build up a better sense of field awareness and team play and tactics.
To calculate your child's appropriate age group, you can use the following formula:
Spring Season Year - Birth Year = Age Group
For example, a 13 year old girl (born in late 2002) is playing soccer right now in the U13 age group based on their age and school year (7th grade).  To register for the Fall 2016/Spring 2017 season, the parents would register her for the U15 age group using the formula above:
2017 - 2002 = 15
Notice that the example above requires the player to jump over the U14 age group and begin playing within the U15 age group in the fall 2016 season.
As a second example, a 10 year boy (born in early 2006) is playing soccer right now in the U10 age group based on their age and school year (4th grade).  To register for the Fall 2016/Spring 2017 season, the parents would register him for the U11 age group using the formula above:
2017 - 2006 = 11
Notice that this player did not have to jump over the next age group.
The chart below can also be used to identify the appropriate age group for your child(ren) for the upcoming 2016-2017 seasons as well as the playing format and Trojan Soccer Club league:

2016 – 2017 Seasons

Age Group

Player Pool

Playing Format

TSC League


2011 Birth Year

4 v 4 Recreational


2009 Birth Year

4 v 4 Recreational


2008 Birth Year

7 v 7



2007 Birth Year

7 v 7



2006 Birth Year

9 v 9



2005 Birth Year

9 v 9



2004 Birth Year

11 v 11



2003 Birth Year

11 v 11



2002 Birth Year

11 v 11


As with any change there will be some questions, trepidation, and anxiety as we transition to this new format.  We understand that some people want to keep certain teams or players together for a variety of reasons.  As a club we must fall in line with the changes and keep pace with the organizations we are members of and help us to play soccer locally and regionally.  TSC will place players on an age appropriate team upon successful completion of registration and travel team tryouts. 
If you should have any questions regarding the topics mentioned above, please contact Trojan Soccer Club at .
Frequently Asked Questions
Why is TSC making this change all at once?  Why not gradually phase it in?
As a club we felt it was important to move to the new age groups and playing format to avoid confusion later.  U.S. Soccer states that these changes must be fully implemented within the next 2 years.  So if issues do arise we will have more time to fix them, as long as we are still following the mandated changes.
What are the benefits to playing by Birth Year?
Playing by birth year will allow for greater development of individual players and create more competitive and meaningful games locally and regionally.
Can players still play in an older age group?

It is TSC's policy to allow a player to play up one age group if the TSC Board determines there is a need for more players at the next age group up.  The TSC Board and affected coaches will make the final decision on which player(s) will be pushed up to the next age group.
Can players play down an age group?

No.  It is TSC's policy to not allow players to play down for any reason.
Can we keep existing teams and only start the changes with new teams being formed starting the fall of 2016?

No. This is a club-wide change and thus all teams will follow the mandated changes.
Are other local clubs going through these same changes?

Yes, other U.S. Soccer affiliated clubs are beginning to implement the same changes.
Can my child play soccer with their school friends in TSC?

While TSC tries to accommodate such requests, it is not always possible.  TSC will follow the new age groups first and foremost, with travel team tryout results being the next factor.  The structure of the Rec program allows a bit more flexibility but even then it is not guaranteed as the Rec program is meant to be fair, balanced, and non-competitive.  Parents will be notified of the decision by a TSC Board member and that decision will be final.

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Spring 2016 Players

Attention All Parents and Players:

If you played on a team this past Fall 2015, you already have a place to play for Spring 2016. You will remain on the same team as fall and do not need to do anything for registration. This new registration process that just opened is for Travel U9-U15 Fall 2016/Spring 2017. Our travel program only requires registration once a year.

For age groups U6 and U8, the same applies to teams for Spring. The registration for our Rec Program will not open until May for Fall 2016/Spring 2017. 


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