Passing, Receiving and Shooting Training

If you Can't Pass you Can't Play.  Soccer at its heart is a game of keep away using passing to keep the ball away from the opposition and to control the flow of the game.

Players must strive to make accurate passes and be able to receive and control passes from other players with minimal thought and effort.  Learning individual ball control like Dribbling and Juggling are the foundational building blocks to becoming a good passer and receiver.

Passing starts with proper technique when striking the ball, using the instep, the laces or even the outside of the foot, combined with using the proper weight or power to get the ball to another player.

What about Shooting? Shooting is another word for passing, except Shooting involves passing the ball into the Goal, rather then to another player.  If you want to become an amazing shooter, you must first become an amazing passer.

How to Improve Passing Accuracy - Video explains proper technique and foot placement to improve or learn proper passing basics.  Instead of using a goal as demonstrated in the first drill you can also use a single gate (2 cones, 2 socks, 2 shirts) and practice passing through the gate. The second drill 7MLC demonstrates is a fantastic exercise for single player with two balls.

Using a Wall to practice passing and receiving ball control

5 Passing and Receiving Drills that are perfect for two players.  This series works on 5 different types of passing players will utilize.