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Club Event: Harrisburg Heat

By phuse | Nov 7, 2021 |

The Harrisburg Heat is back in action this year at the Farm Complex for another great season of professional soccer.  Our club has the opportunity to participate in a very special event Saturday, January 22nd.  Players will have the chance to walk onto the field and be introduced prior to the game and will remain on the field until…

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Youth Soccer U8-U11 : 6 Skills Every player must Have by: Erik Imler

By trojansoccerclub | Apr 26, 2020 |

When watching countless youth soccer games (ages 8-10), I find it relatively easy to spot the “difference makers” on any team. Their dominance presents itself in various ways: It might be the crafty player who oozes self-confidence and proficiency with the ball at their feet…It might be the physically dominant athlete who muscles over their…

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