T.S.C. Registration Overview

Ages U9 (2016) - U19 (2006) Boys and Girls

Ages U13-U19 (2011 to 2006) please contact our registrar to register

Current Cost of Travel will be determined by the team your player is selected to play on:

Our lower-level teams (Orange) $250.00: (this covers field fees, insurance, ref fees, equipment, internet fees etc.)  These teams play in Division 3 and lower, players on these teams are still acquiring their skills. May play multiple sports and cannot commit to soccer alone.  These teams can participate in tournaments at additional costs if the team elects to do so.

 Our upper-level teams (Black) $ 300.00 (this is the base rate and additional fees will be added upon additional tournaments, indoor soccer): (this covers field fees, insurance, ref fees, equipment, internet fees etc., 2 tournaments).

The registration fee is a one-time fee per Season (Season consists of 2 seasons FALL and SPRING)

Payment Plans are offered. 

Please note there is NO discount if your player only plays either Fall Only or Spring Only.

Uniforms- $95.00 (this is a separate fee from registration, you will be provided a link to order your player's uniform)

  • Players will be assigned a number, no requests will be accepted, this number is theirs for the duration of their time with TSC
  • This is a custom uniform for TSC and we hope to have this uniform for several years.
  • Do you have to buy a uniform every season, answer is NO. It is suggested you order a size up, to allow your player to grow into their uniform
  • Uniform Packets consist of: black/white shirt, white shirt, black shorts, practice jersey, black and pink socks
  • Additionally, you have the option to purchase a warm-up or additional pieces of any of the above

Additional Travel Team Information:

How many games do we play each season? Typical 7-8 games each season.

How far do we have to travel?  Travel time is no more than a max of 2 hours, unless a team chooses to participate in a tournament further away.

Why do we have to travel? Because unfortunately we do not have the numbers to form numerous in-house teams and players would become discouraged playing the same team over and over again

What club will my player be in?  Your player will be a member of TSC, but the league will fall under the CYPSL or EDP umbrella. 

Fall 2024/Spring 2025 Youth Academy Player Registration

Ages U4 (2020) - U8 (2017) Boys and Girls

Co-Ed Intra-Mural Program Cost: $85.00

Reversible Jersey Cost: $15.00

  • Practices:
    • (U6 and U7) Tuesday
    • (U5 and U8) Wednesday
  •  Games on Friday
  • Each Season Lasts 6 Weeks
    • Fall Begins after Labor Day
    • Spring Begins First Week of April



FALL 2024/SPRING 2025


Trojan Soccer Club is a great environment for all levels of playing.

Tryout Age Groups:


·       U9 Boys (2016) ·       U11 Boys (2014)
·       U9 Girls (2016) ·       U11 Girls (2014)
·       U10 Boys (2015) ·       U12 Boys (2013)
·       U10 Girls (2015) ·       U12 Girls (2013)


NEW players to the club with the birth year of 2012 and older, please email our registrar at to check for open positions.

(This includes ANY 2012 and older players that did not play Spring 2024 with TSC and wish to return Fall 2024)

 All Tryouts will begin promptly at 5:45p and will last approximately 2hrs

Please arrive no later than 5:30p to check-in


Tryout Dates:  Weather permitting tryouts will be held on the following dates.

  • Boy Tryout Dates
    • Monday, April 29th 
      • U9B (2016)
      • U10B (2015)
    • Tuesday, April 30th
      • U11B (2014)
      • U12B (2013)
  • Girl Tryout Dates
    • Wednesday, May 1st
      • U9G (2016)
      • U10G (2015)
    • Thursday, May 2nd
      • U11G (2014)
      • U12G (2013)


All tryouts will be held at:

Phineas Davis Elementary

300 S Ogontz St.

York, PA 17403



If you have a question about registration, please send our registrar an email below and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

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