Trojan Soccer Travel Overview

The Trojan Soccer Club offers two programs for our U11 and old players.  The Orange program is our basic program, for the player that may Absolutely Love Soccer, but also likes to play other sports or has other commitments or who likes breaks over the winter.

Our Black Program is for the player, that just wants to play Soccer All the time or who really enjoys the exercise or just really enjoys playing Soccer with their friends and giving it their all, win or lose at every game and practice.

We do not always offer both Programs.  It depends on a variety of factors and most importantly... if we have enough interest and commitment from the Players, the Parents and the Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Managers.

All Players that wish to join a Trojan Soccer Travel Team will need to go through an evaluation process.  The evaluation looks at several areas, ball control, speed, accuracy of shots and the players ability to listen to instruction.

U9/U10 TSC Travel Teams will consist of minimum 8 players and a max roster of 12 players.

U11/U12 TSC Travel Soccer Teams, shall consist of minimum of 10 players maximum of 16 Players and play 9 v 9 (2 club passes).

U13/U14 shall consist of a minimum of 12 Players and a maximum of 18 and play 11 v 11 (3 Club passes).

If you think you may be interested in the Black package, please e-mail our registrar at No additional fee's are incurred, until your player has been evaluated and our registrar has reached out to.

Orange Program

$250.00 Fall 2021- Spring 2022
  • 7-8 Games Fall
  • 7-8 Games Spring
  • Dillsburg Shootout Tournament

Black Program

$550.00 Fall 2021/Winter 2021/Spring 2022 Fall 2021- Spring 2022
  • Complete Black Package
  • 7 - 8 Indoor Games @ Yellow breeches
  • 1 - 2 Indoor Practices per week, 8 sessions
  • 1 - 2 Tournaments in addition to the Dillsburg Shootout (coaches discretion to add additional tournaments, additional fees will incur)
  • Payment Plans Available, with Auto Pay